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Past Exhibitions

Organic Light

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 15, 12-4pm


Organic Light features Bob Capazzo (photographer), Jane Cowles (sculptress), and Mahtab Pedrami (installation). This trio will be transforming Gallery One with whimsical and botanical inspired works which blend...

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Paintings by Anne Bell

Through Saturday, April 16

"We are all dazzled by the beautiful colors in flowers, and the way their colors sometimes float on top of each other. By using, layered color and line, and variations of value, chroma and intervals, I seek to ...

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Soul Argonauts: Paintings by Cate Whittemore

Opening Reception: Sunday June 12, 2:00-5:00pm

Through July 15, 2016

Soul Argonauts is a collection of figurative watercolors, etchings, paintings and writings spanning the past few years, which explore physicality. Working between figurative and non-objective imagery, Whittemor...

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