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About the Exhibit

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 21st, 6 PM-8 PM | More Info

Through July 1st, 2019

Michael Iskowitz creates colorful, seemingly playful paintings that often belie the darker, more serious ideas that inspired them. His process is somewhat spontaneous, fueled by a sense of exploration and discovery. “Once inspired by a subject,” he says, he extends it into a series, “never knowing how the next image will materialize.” Sometimes a particular object triggers a whole new direction and he runs with it. Other times, childhood memories provide a reservoir of material from which he draws inspiration.

For this show, Iskowitz presents individual portraits as well as paintings featuring toys and dolls as subjects. The Jawonio Portraits are based on clients and counselors he knows from Jawonio, a special needs services organization in New City, NY, where Iskowitz–who has a hearing impairment–is also a client. In the Toys, Nursery City War Scenes, and Wanderers series, Iskowitz places dolls and other toys in precarious and unnerving arrangements to represent the social and political dissonance at play in the world today. The color, size and lighting of the objects further heighten the dramatic effect.

Curated by Carole Perry

About the Artist

A Rockland County native, Iskowitz studied at the Cooper Union School of Art. His work has been featured in Esopus Magazine and he has participated in numerous exhibitions in and around Rockland County.