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Realizations of Nature

About the Exhibit

Through January 3rd, 2020

Union Arts Center welcomes famed artist Jarvis Wilcox and his captivating impressionistic oil paintings now showing in our Quincy Hall gallery through January 3rd. Complimenting Jarvis’s work is a striking bird sculpture, WIND BIRD, by the talented Edward Walsh.

An alluring odyssey in landscape, 

still life and seascape images. Artists 

Jarvis Wilcox and sculptor Edward Walsh 

realize the poetry of our present world, 

creating impressionistic images that 

animate our transient quests.

Jarvis’s work in his own words…”This is the well-spring of my painting… To communicate the excitement, the delight, and the insight I discovered in seeing and then making the painting. In a way a painting is a mood sustained and realized…..”

His work is curated by Audrey Leeds.

Visit Jarvis Wilcox’s  website

Visit Edward Walsh’s website

About the Artist

Jarvis Wilcox

As a student of Goya and Velasquez, Wilcox revels 

in the density of rich colors applying layers of oil 

painting dynamic patterns. Shimmering seas vary from 

the peaceful to the monumental imposing compositions of

unavoidable density of the paint upon canvas. The mysteries of landscapes 

rest in pictorial substance that are familiar depictions fraught with symbolism.


Edward Walsh

Edward Walsh experiences vivid impressionism that 

he translates in dense mediums manipulated in volume, 

shape and line; suggesting both human & animal forms that 

excite the imagination. A personal aesthetic that emerged from 

childhood drawings reveal his passion for nature in a mature series 

of Bas-reliefs offering meditative visitation of islands and woodlands