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Unleashed: Recent Paintings of Lynn Stein

About the Exhibit

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 21st, 6 PM-8 PM | More Info

Through July 1st, 2019

Lynn Stein’s work is a celebration of movement and style. The figures in her paintings are always in motion, usually dancing. “Dance,” she says, “is a subject I return to over and over again with all its layered allusions to drama, gender, human connections, rhythm, and fashion, as well as its tribal and anthropological associations.”

From Titian to Degas to Matisse, artists have long been inspired by dance. Stein continues that tradition, but for her, it is not just dance or movement that creates meaning, but the process of integrating her own emotions and physical movements into the painting. Her recent shift to a larger scale further supports this intention, allowing her to “dance with the paint…putting [her] entire body into the painting experience.” Unleashed features Stein’s unfettered emotions, wrought in imagery instead of words, a visual journal of her feelings.

Curated by Carole Perry

About the Artist

Lynn Stein attended Parsons School of Design and has exhibited extensively in the tri-state area. In addition to her painting practice, she is a professional jazz vocalist and the former Artistic Director of Rockland Center for the Arts. She lives and works in Rockland County, NY.