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Present a Workshop

Present a Workshop


Thank you for your interest in presenting at Union Arts Center. We encourage and fully support holistic well-being, inclusive of workshops in the creative arts and healing modalities. It is our hope to uplift the community through a variety of programming, and we appreciate your interest and skill.

To this end, we are pleased to host select workshop and retreat events.  Please review our policies and presentation options before submitting your proposal, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.


UAC will co-produce some workshops as our seasonal schedule allows. Within this arrangement, UAC handles some marketing (eletter, website, social media, design and light distribution of a flyer), registrations and bookkeeping, and room set-up at a 60% presenter / 40% UAC split of the proceeds. At the time of booking, UAC will collect from the presenter a $75 administrative fee, to be retained by UAC in the event of cancelation. Presenters are expected to actively market and promote their event and to be in good communication with UAC in the weeks and days leading up to the event.


Alternatively, presenters may rent one or more of the rooms at UAC, then retain all program proceeds. Presenter is responsible for all marketing, bookkeeping, and staffing for their workshop, with light support from UAC and use of our facility and amenities as needed and agreed upon in advance. Cancelation fees will be outlined in the rental agreement. UAC may add a rental offering to our website homepage, space permitting.


All events at UAC must be insured.  We will request a certificate of insurance upon booking. If you do not have one, please inform us so that your event will be covered under our tenant policy. This rate begins at $75 per event for the first 50 people.


UAC expects that the building be treated with respect and care, and returned to the clean state in which it was found. Cleaning supplies, recycling bins, and trash bags are readily available. Please return props, chairs, or other furnishings to their original placement after use, and ensure that yoga mats have been cleaned.

Art is not to be removed or handled and nothing is to be adhered to the walls.

Each floor is equipped with a water cooler, restroom, and iPod dock.


Please include the following in an email to, with WORKSHOP PROPOSAL in the subject line. Thank you once again for your interest in Union Arts Center.

Name of Program:

Preferred Date(s) – please choose three:

Brief description:

Co-production or rental?

Presenters name and credentials:

Marketing plan: